Looking for New Boats for Sale?

So you have decided you want to buy a boat…now what do you look for? Do you want a boat for fishing? For taking weekend rides with your family? For water skiing? Whatever your reason for wanting a boat, at we have many different kinds of boats for sale and we will help you find exactly what you need.

New boats for sale

We have a wide selection of new boats for sale at Boat Max. If you are in the market for a brand new boat, we are the place to go. One of the main advantages of buying a new boat is that it will give you no operational troubles after you take ownership, and it will be covered by a warranty.

A brand-new boat will see you cruising the waters, worry-free, for a long time. It is imperative that you purchase a new boat from a reputable dealer like Boat Max. This way, you know you are buying a quality product from a company who is committed to ensuring the satisfaction of the customer.

Pre-owned boats for sale

We also have a wide selection of pre-owned boats for sale at The obvious advantage to purchasing one of our excellent pre-owned boats is that it will be less expensive than opting for a new boat.

One potential setback with a pre-owned boat is that not all of them will still be covered under warranty by the manufacturer. We do everything we can to learn about the boat we are selling — from its maintenance history to any mechanical issues it may have had — however, there is a higher risk to the buyer of a pre-owned boat as you do not know all of the potential issues that might arise once you take ownership.

Different types of boats for sale

We try to carry many different boats in stock, offering a wide selection of boats of all sizes and meant for all different purposes.

We sell boats that are ideal for the inner fisherman in you. These types of boats have larger, more open-spaced decks, offering more room for fishing but less room for sitting.

We sell cruising boats, which are ideal for the boater who wants to hit the water on the weekends, enjoying the sunshine. These type of boats can be for day boating or can also come equipped with a cabin, allowing for night excursions and on-boat sleeping.

We also sell water sport boats, which are ideal for the active person who enjoys waterskiing, and other water sports.

Whatever your preference, new or pre-owned, fishing, cruising or water sporting, Boat Max has the boats for sale that will get you on the water in no time.