Looking for a Boat? If you are looking for a boat, whether it’s for a casual Sunday fishing trip or for those who are looking for some excitement and the adrenaline rush of a high-speed sport boat, we at Boat-Max have boats for sale for everyone! At Boat-Max we pride ourselves in offering a large selection of boats, new and pre-owned, to suit any needs. We are the leading agents for Baja, Donzi, Fountain and Pro-Line in South Florida. Not only do we sell the best boats in town but we also have an experienced team who will ensure that all your boating needs are looked after – from routine maintenance to giving you some sound and professional advice. So if you are searching for a boat for sale here are some things you should keep in mind: Know what you want and stick to it – don’t get swept away by all the wonderful options out there or you might find that your “great investment” is actually just an inconvenient expense that gathers dust. If you are looking for a runaround, do not get distracted by a cruiser. Also, size does matter. Make sure that you are not going for a boat that is bigger than what you need or can store/transport. Respect your budget – boats can be an expensive buy and you will need to ensure that you can afford the time and money on maintenance, insurance, registration fees, storage fees, instruction and safety courses, fuel etc. New vs. Pre-owned – there are advantages and disadvantages to both so brush-up on what kind of boat for sale is best suited to you. Whatever choice you go for, you will want to know that your dealer will give you the support you need. At Boat-Max, not only do we have a complete full-service dealership, but our employees all have extensive boating experience and will share their knowledge with you. We also help with financing and offer consignment with three months of storage free of charge on our boats for sale. Lastly, it is important that you trust the dealer who is selling you your boat – check up on their credentials, what they offer you as a customer, ask around for references and look online for reviews. Generally a good dealer will be open and honest with you about what your best options are and will know what they are talking about when it comes to the boats for sale in their dealership (usually having a boater in the team is a great advantage). Also, a dealership that is proud of its service area and mechanics won’t hesitate in showing you around so that you can check it out. Give Boat-Max a call today to find out more about our boats for sale and how we can help you with finding your perfect match!