Cruiser Yachts 338 Bow Rider

We've combined optimal performance, remarkable seating and storage options and a striking design to bring you the majestic 338 Bow Rider! The complimentary cabin space allows boaters to relax peacefully and comfortably while reminiscing with friends or taking a break. Indulge in pure fun by daylight and well-deserved downtime by nightfall with the Cruiser that sets a new standard for having fun on the water in style.

L.O.A. 32' 11"
Beam 10' 10"
Bridge Clearance 100"
Deadrise 22 deg.
Fuel Capacity (Usable fuel capacity 10% less than listed) 154 gal.
Hull Length 32' 11"
Dry Weight in Pounds (Including max. engine) 11,340 lbs
Weight Capacity (Including persons and gear) Yacht Cert.
Person Capacity Yacht Cert.
Draft Down 42"
Draft Up 25"
Horse Power Capacity Twin 380 HP