So, you are in the market for a boat and after all your research and shopping around you find yourself stuck on deciding whether a center console boat is the right thing for you. Because we know how confusing this decision can be, we at Boat-Max are here to help you out of this conundrum by weighing up the pros and cons of center console boats so that you can make the best choice possible.

The Pros:

The truth is that center console boats compose a large portion of the boat marketplace because of their utility power, superior performance and sea going lifespan. Their reputation for excellent performance is well known in the boating community, especially when it comes to their utility power. From fishing, to general purpose towing very few boats beat center console boats as you can load them with all the gear you need or keep them open plan and simple. Another area where these boats shine is the rough-water arena owing to weight distribution and balance. Another great point is their spec versatility as they can channel fuel-efficiency and encourage minimal transom deadrise with a single-engine, to being a maximum deadrise, ocean-aggressive beast with double or triple outboards.

The Cons:

While center console boats are make excellent fishing and general-purpose boats for cruising, diving or tow sports they are not always the best choice when it comes to water sports enthusiasts. If you want a boat for water skiing and wake surfing you may be better off looking at boats that have been specifically designed with these activities in mind. Center console boats don’t easily offer the best hull forms, engines and drives that watersport boats offer and use to maximize the your enjoyment in these sports. Other issues that you may face with center console boats are their limited seating capacity and their lack of weather protection. Although there are ways of easing these issues – by adding more seats and investing in canvas enclosures – there are boats that are better suited to your needs especially if your interests lie in cruising the docksides and hanging with friends.

The great thing about center Console boats is that they cater to a variety of needs covering complete utility to unadulterated luxury sport yachts and everything in between. Choosing your center console boat ultimately depends on your individual need, taste and budget. By contacting Boat-Max with your specifications we can help you find your dream boat today!