Get Used Boat Buying Tips From the Experts

When you are looking to buy a boat, a great option to consider is looking at used boats for sale. At, we offer a wide array of used boats. Whether you are looking to take leisurely cruises on a summer day, or catch your dinner, we can find you the pre-owned boat that is meant for you.

While we understand there is greater risk associated with purchasing used boats for sale, as they may no longer be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, there is also the chance of buying a gem for a fraction of the new-boat price. At Boat Max, we do our best to research the history of all used boats for sale, making sure you have the details you need to make an informed decision.

Tips for Buying a Used Boat

Look for Damage — When looking at used boats for sale, always inspect the boat you are looking at for signs of any previous damage. Some signs, such as flexing and cracking in fiberglass and wood can indicate damage you should avoid. You don’t want to purchase a pre-owned boat that is showing signs of rot, or of the fiberglass breaking down.

Look for Mold and Mildew — Keep an eye out for used boats for sale that show signs of mildew in the seats, boat top or carpet. You will want to avoid purchasing used boats for sale that have considerable mold damage, which can spread easily and may indicate more damage than meets the eye.

Start it Up — Never buy used boats for sale without first starting the engine. If there is anything but a smooth start when you fire up the engine, it could indicate a problem. Especially be on the lookout for loud, smoking or vibrating engines.

Check out the Steering — Fixing a steering issue in a used boat for sale could be a very expensive repair. Definitely ask questions about any steering issues the boat has experienced and make sure to check out the steering system before you buy the boat.

Know What You Want — Don’t buy a fishing boat when you want to pull water skiers. Don’t buy a water sports boat when you want to take weekend cruises in the water. Help your used boats for sale search by knowing exactly what type of boat you are looking for.